Soil-tek has all of the Erosion Control tools to service a large residential development or the individual home. We can fix an eroding shoreline or stabilize a slope on the Interstate. We believe Filter Sock has many advantages over silt fence technology. Soil-tek believes the Filter Sock represents the wave of the future in Erosion & Sediment Control. Soil-tek can

Temporary Seed acres and acres, Filter sock your perimeter, protect your intakes, and blanket your slopes. And while we are at it, we can Terraseed your parks and common areas.

  • Approved equal to silt fence by SUDAS & Urban Standard Specification.
  • Endorsed by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.
  • Filters sediment out of Storm Water.
  • Filter Sock biodegrades eliminating removal costs.
  • No steel posts. Safe around people and equipment.
  • Excellent for Storm Water intake protection.
  • Filter Socks can be vegetated to create a living berm.
  • Soil-tek installs Erosion Control Matting, & Turf Reinforcement Matting (TRM)

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